Introduction to Programming Exercises on Python
(Beginners to Advanced)

Programming Exercises on Python: Till now we have learnt about the basic and core principles of Core Python programming. We have learnt enough to solve programming questions on python. It will brush up on all the concepts that we covered during previous lectures.

We will solve questions related to the below topics:

Core Python

  • Core concepts
  • Flow control
  • Functions
  • Python OOPs
  • Miscellaneous topics

File Handling

  • For text files
  • For binary files
  • For CSV files

SQLite and DB

  • Basic
  • CRUD

Python GUI

  • On basic widgets
  • On advanced widgets

programming exercises in python

We will cover all the given topics above. We are going to follow the beginners to advance approach. I will make sure by the end of our Python For Desktop Application.
You are confident enough to solve programming problems and also confident enough to make desktop applications.

Important: I am not only talking about the programming questions and the solution to the questions that I’ll provide. Even I’m going to explain each and every code written in the solution section. The main motive of these programming exercises is to make you understand what’s happening behind the codes.

I will also try to provide video lectures with the solutions so that you can understand the concept better. So, I think it’s enough for the introduction. Let’s gets started with our programming exercises.

Best of Luck!

Getting started with python programming exercises.