Introduction to Python GUI using Tkinter | Python Programming

Till now we have used static way to run our application ie. user need to type as per the options to run application. But now we will create GUI applications in which user can run application more easily just by performing clicks.


GUI using Tkinter in Python: Python offers multiple options for developing GUI applications. Like other programming languages like Java, Python also supports GUI (Graphical User Interface) programming. Python has an in built library named Tkinter which is used to design GUI applications in Python.


Lists of Some Available GUI Libraries in Python

All above given libraries can be used for creating GUI applications in Python. Other than these libraries, Python also supports other libraries. But we will use Tkinter as it is the widely used GUI libraries in Python for developing GUI applications.

Lists of Some Basic Widgets in Tkinter

There are total of 17 widgets in Tkinter. Some commonly used widgets are given below:

  • Buttons
  • Labels
  • Frames
  • CheckBoxes
  • RadioButtons
  • Entry
  • ComboBox etc.

We will learn about these widgets in detail in our next topics. We also learn how to develop desktop application in next tutorial.

GUI designs we can Create Using Tkinter Widgets


We will create these types of GUI Applications in our next tutorials.