Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) in Python

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in Python: In programming languages, mainly there are two approaches that are used to write program or code.
1). Procedural Programming
2). Object-Oriented Programming

The procedure we are following till now is the “Procedural Programming” approach. So, in this session, we will learn about Object Oriented Programming (OOP).


Structure of OOPs

object oriented programming in pythonWe will discuss all the above terms in detail.

Object-Oriented Programming is a type of methodology in which a program is designed using classes and objects. In this, every problem is taken as an entity to solve complex problems separately. The procedural programming approach is only suitable for writing non-complex programs. But at the official level, when we develop software there OOP approach is required. It makes the software development efforts easy. Using the concepts of OOP, it is easy to focus on the main goal.

Basic Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming

object oriented programming in python

Main Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming

  • Class
  • Object
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Inheritance

Above given main concepts of object-oriented programming have been explained in detail in our next articles. Here my main focus is just to make you understand that what actually Object-Oriented Programming is.

In procedural programming what we do is, write complete code in one program. No matter how complex is the program but we write complete code in one program.

But when we have to design an application, then it may be very complex to write complete code and finish the whole application in a single program. Also, this approach makes our code complex and it is very difficult to maintain code.

Important: Using OOP (Object Oriented Programming), the problems are divided into several modules and solve accordingly. Later all of the modules are combined to get the complete solution or Output. Hence it makes the programming approach easy and also the maintenance of code is easy using the OOP concept.

It’s OK if you are still confused. But don’t worry, you will visualize all in our next sessions.