How to Install Python

Python Installation: Before getting started with Python Programming, we need to first install python in our system. We can install python in any operating system i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux etc. We can download python from its official website of Python.

Click here to download python and begin with python installation. Once you visit to the official website of Python, you find the below-given interface.

For Windows, you can choose either the 32-bit or 64-bit installer

These are the steps to install Python in Windows:

1.Open a browser and navigate to the python official website 

Here you may see all the available download option based on the different operating system. You can download and install python based on your requirements.

2. If you are using Mac or Linux, you may notice that python is already installed in your system but it probably won’t be the latest version. If you want to upgrade to latest version then you can download the latest version and install accordingly.

Below is the user interface of Python (IDE)

python installation

Python Installation: PyCharm

Above we have seen that how to install python-IDE in our system. Here I want to clear you more about IDE, many of you are very new to programming so I want to let you clear more about what is IDE? IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. It is a pre-developed software in which it includes basic tools that are required to run or test programs in several programming languages.

Why we need to install PyCharm?

It is not necessary to install PyCharm. If you are new to programming then I personally suggest you to go with normal IDE. PyCharm includes more features as compared to normal IDE. As a beginner normal IDE will be best suited for you.

Installing PyCharm

step 1. Download PyCharm from the official Website by clicking here: Download PyCharm.

download pycharm

After clicking on download you will be redirected to this page. Here you can download the free trial version of PyCharm.

After downloading

if you are a Windows user you will get an executable file having extension .exe. Run this executable file normally and follow steps and guidelines accordingly. Your PyCharm will get installed. Here are the steps. to use PyCharm.

if you are a Mac user go to the Applications folder and click on the PyCharm icon. Alternatively, you can drag the icon to your dock to open the IDE quickly by clicking on the icon in dock.

Below is the attached screenshot of user interface of PyCharm

how to install python

We are done with the installation of Python IDE or Pycharm. Let’s get started with our first Python Program. Let’s start.